Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Trespassing around abandoned spaces in Buffalo is an urban adventure for people from all over the world. I will not admit I have done this, but will say every citizen should have a chance to visit Bethlehem Steel. Coming from Boston, the history and economics of Buffalo has been a fascinating mystery to me. Walking into Bethlehem is like coming upon a crime scene - or, given the vast scale of the place, a battleground. Who passed through and left it so abandoned?  It is one thing to hear “the jobs all went to China,” but another to fully experience the exodus.

I’ve just finished a short series of little assemblages. On 5” x 7” blocks of inch wood, I’ve combined my photos with spray paint, acrylic, nails, screws, and rusty metal. These little relics help me process the experience.  They will be on view in Studio 509 at the TriMain Center, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. Coming up soon is the Buffalo Arts Studio Holiday Exhibit and Sale. It opens Saturday, November 22. Lots of treats, music and artworks for holiday giving!

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