Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper's Spring Shoreline Sweep going on at many local sites, all connected to world wide efforts. I've signed up for the Scajaquada Creek site. The creek runs through the city, at times buried underground, and then dumps out into Lake Erie. Lots of controversy over this creek including some political action to improve it. It's known as one of the more intense areas for trash because of all the traffic around it.

Getting Organized

Here's Adrienne Kina, from Americorps ABLE, the volunteer coordinator for Buffalo Niagara Riverkeepers. She gets us to fill out our paperwork, gather our tools and get ready.

Getting Down to Work

We're going to work for a few hours, then meet back up at the Veterans Hall for lunch and a party. Captain Max leads us out. We bring our bags and tools and get started. Down at the Creek there's the usual plastics, tires and styrofoam.

Kids and Their Finds

With such a large group of volunteers it's amazing how much can be cleaned up in a short amount time. There's a contest to haul "unusual" items back to the hall. Shopping carts, road signs, a ceiling fan, a rusty gun...these were a few entries in the contest. Every kid got a very nice donated prize.


So much stuff! I took this baby doll home and disinfected her. She'll be added to my 'Trashing the Waters' installation at NCCC next year.